The Kent Regional Business Alliance (KRBA) is a team of Northeast Ohio organizations dedicated to promoting small business in Ohio. KRBA provides services (including free business consulting) and products for both growing businesses and people who want to start their own business in Northeast Ohio.

  • Small Business Development Center




The SBDC provides assistance to small- to medium-sized businesses that need assistance in problem solving and expansion.

  • Procurement Technical Assistance Center




The PTAC offers assistance in all areas of government contracting and is designed to increase Ohio’s share of the government marketplace.

  • Loans

    KRBA is a designated loan intermediary for Portage and surrounding counties and can provide loans to existing and start-up businesses.

  • Incubator

    KRBA provides incubators which are nurturing environments where a business can grow, including lighting, assembly, and reduced rent.

  • Webzone

    The KRBA WebZone creates templated and custom websites for small businesses, ranging from portfolio to full e-commerce websites.

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